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Annual Report
2020 - 2021

Trusted Facility →→→ In times of crisis, one thing counts above all else: trust. DEKRA helps companies create trust and thus secure sales and earnings. With the DEKRA “Trusted Facility” seal, companies can prove that they are meeting strict health and safety standards during the coronavirus pandemic. Whether in trade, in the hotel and catering industry, or in the office – the seal is widely accepted, for example in Romania and Poland.




The DEKRA “Trusted Facility” seal is based on the guidelines issued by the World Health Organization (WHO). Due to its breadth and depth, the seal maps the specific situation in different industries. For example, it can also encompass regulations from local authorities on occupational safety.

In Romania and the Republic of Moldova, large German retailers have had their locations audited according to the DEKRA seal. In 2020, 177 stores, warehouses, and office buildings belonging to Kaufland and Metro were certified, proving to consumers and employees that the hygiene measures as recommended by the WHO and the local authorities for limiting the spread of COVID-19, had been properly implemented. The audits verified more than 130 points, of which ten percent are considered critical to the reliability of the hygiene systems and procedures implemented in the audited locations.

In Poland, DEKRA has audited 24 BMW dealerships in accordance with the “Trusted Facility” standard. The BMW dealerships gladly mention the obtained certificate in their communications with customers. The auditors verified the resources and measures that the dealerships implemented to stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Staff and security measures, procedures, and the corresponding knowledge of them were checked. After six months DEKRA has now begun renewal audits so that the BMW dealerships can keep the seal.

“With the DEKRA seal, our customers are showing that they and their brand can be trusted even in times of crisis," says Toni Pucaro, Executive Vice President DEKRA Region Central Eastern Europe & Middle East. “As such, they are securing their business and their assets.” After the audit is complete, DEKRA supports its customers in communications, too – according to the motto “do good and talk about it.” Firstly, customers can use the DEKRA seal both physically and digitally for their marketing. Secondly, DEKRA has set up a portal in Romania enabling consumers and tourists to find out about the safe locations in retail, for example.

With the DEKRA seal, our customers are showing that they and their brand can be trusted even in times of crisis.


»With the DEKRA seal, our customers are showing that they and their brand can be trusted even in times of crisis.«
Toni Pucaro
[Executive Vice President DEKRA Region Central Eastern Europe & Middle East.]

Commitment to a uniform standard

The DEKRA “Trusted Facility” seal is not only arousing great interest in Eastern Europe. In Germany, too, the internationally renowned Kongresshaus Baden-Baden and the Airport in Nuremberg have successfully passed a multi-stage certification process based on 124 individual criteria relating to hygiene and infection protection.

Based on such success, DEKRA has increased its commitment to health and safety. “Europe needs a recognized, harmonized, and independently audited test concept and certificate for low-risk tourism, travel, and events,” says Toni Pucaro. DEKRA has been in contact with high-level EU representatives in that respect. With this initiative, DEKRA is aiming to counteract the uncontrolled growth of a broad spectrum of seals, which began with the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic and is causing uncertainty. “The diversity of seals creates more confusion than trust, because there is a lack of valid standards and independent testing. Ensuring this is a core competence of expert organizations such as DEKRA.”

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