Annual Report
2020 - 2021

digitalization →→→ Nowadays, we hear the term “digitalization” wherever we go. Just like the sunrise every day, it has become a firm fixture of both our economy and the world of sport. Yet while the sun rises by itself every morning, our journey to a digitalized world requires us to actively pave the way ourselves.




DEKRA is courageously leading the way in this respect. The referees in Germany’s Bundesliga soccer league are also increasingly calling on digital technology. DEKRA and the referees have certain things in common, such as the shared values of neutrality and analytic expertise. As such, DEKRA has supported the referees from the German Soccer Association (DFB) in the main and 2nd Bundesliga divisions for almost 20 years.

One of these top referees is the super-fit, 36-year-old Harm Osmers. He has been successfully working as a DFB referee in the main Bundesliga division since 2016. He has also refereed international matches for FIFA.

DEKRA board member Ulrike Hetzel, CTO, Services, Innovation, and IT, spoke to Harm Osmers about the importance of digitalization for Bundesliga referees and for DEKRA.

The burning question: What do referees need to hit the ground running with digital solutions?

Harm Osmers

»The video assistant helps to ensure that sound decisions are made as it prevents decisions that are clearly and obviously wrong.«

Harm Osmers
[DFB referee in the main Bundesliga division since 2016]